Most people with lupus will experience joint pain without swelling. However, lupus is not a form of arthritis. (LFA)
Lupus Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Diagnosis and Treatments

My Efforts To Spread Awareness

As you know, May is Lupus Awareness Month.  We all have unique ways to support and spread awareness.  I would like to share my advocacy efforts with you.  Everyday of the month I make sure to wear my purple awareness wristband.  I have also passed out over ten wristbands to friends and family.  I also wear my awareness ribbon dog tag as often as possible.  If you do not have any Lupus gear, get some.  At least get a purple or orange wristband.  I have both!!

What I did:
❃ I went to the Tigers baseball game on Monday May 10th, which was World Lupus Day.  I took my cure Lupus sign and waved it during the game.  I don't think that I got any TV airtime, but at least somebody saw it.  
❃ I attended the Lupus Alliance Health Fair and met other Lupus survivors and supporters.  I even got to meet one of my twitter buddies, who also works for the Alliance.  The Health Fair was informative and resourceful.
❃ I am in graduate school at Eastern Michigan University. I did a Lupus Awareness presentation in class.  I passed out information and discussed some of the key issues with Lupus.  It was surprising to me that a number of students knew someone that has Lupus, but still nobody knew exactly what Lupus is.  
I know I did not reach the entire world, but we have to spread awareness one person at a time.  My blog and social networking also serve as advocacy avenues. You are probably spreading awareness and you don't even know it.  Each person that learns about Lupus makes an impact. 

Simple things that you can do to spread awareness :
~ Wear a Lupus wristband or t-shirt
~ Put a Twibbon on your Facebook or Twitter profile picture
~ Mention Lupus on your social networking sites
~ Explain the illness to people whenever you get a chance
~ Become a member of organizations and use their resources
~ Share your story (email me if you would like to share)

You can make an impact!  Spread Awareness with me!!
Search Amazon.com for lupus awareness Search Amazon.com for lupus 


There is no single laboratory test that can determine whether a person does or does not have lupus.  Diagnosing lupus involves analyzing the results of several lab tests that are used to monitor the immune system, along with a review of the person’s entire medical history. (LFA)

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