Depressed? What to do?

     Depression affects millions of people. There is no single cause that has been identified.  It seems to be interactions between genetic, environmental, biochemical and psychosocial factors that play a role.  Those of us with lupus or other chronic illnesses may suffer from depression due to a number of reasons. 
     I personally take medication that causes depression. I also get down about how lupus has negatively affected my life. I had to realize that I was depressed and try to "snap out of it!"  We must remember that depression is NOT a personal weakness or a condition that can be wished away.  It is a real illness, but it can be successfully treated.
    Treatments include medication, psychotherapy, and other natural remedies. If you know or think you are depressed you can try these tips for a natural approach to promote healthy living. Maintain proper sleep hygiene as advised by your health care professional, Eat a well-balanced diet, Manage anxiety as advised by your health care professional, Participate in a structured and supervised exercise program as advised by your health care professional, Set realistic goals for yourself, Create small and manageable tasks & Let others you can trust such as family and friends help you.

Here are some other ways to get rid of your depression on your own.
  • Do not make important decisions while depressed.
  • Try to avoid stress.
  • Take care of your body.
  • Eat regularly and with pleasure.
  • Avoid negative thoughts.
  • Communicate with friends and family, even overcoming yourself.
  • Report any changes in your health to your psychotherapist.
  • Do not take drugs or alcohol.
  • Do not abuse hypnotic drugs.
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Also remember that it is always a good idea to consult your doctor about depression and its treatments.