Try to Stay Stress-Free!

Stress is one thing that most of us cannot avoid. No matter how hard we try to be stress-free, it always seems to creep up on us.  For those of us with lupus, we need to keep stress out of our lives as much as possible.  Stress is indeed one of our worst enemies.  Being stressed out can cause a flare, which is never good.  Stress can also prolong your flare and/or symptoms.  Having a free mind and a positive attitude always helps reduce stress. Do everything you can to keep your stress levels down.  For me, the first step to doing this is being able to identify stress factors in my life.  Sometimes we do not even realize that we are stressed. Learn your body and how your illness reacts to stress, so that you can identify trouble brewing. Remember...Less Stress = Longer Life!!

Tips to eliminate stress: 

  • Know what stresses you out.
  • Attempt to eliminate those stress factors.
  • Do something you enjoy when you feel stressed.
  • Try to relax. (warm bath, music, meditation)
  • Talk to someone close to you.
  • Send me a tweet or Facebook message ;0)
I am always here to listen!! Take care and try to be stress-free!!

With Love,