Depending on how lupus affects their body, some people with lupus may need additional care from specialists, like a dermatologist for skin problems, a nephrologist for kidney disease, or a cardiologist for heart complications.

Lupus, The Great Imitator

Did you know that Lupus is sometimes referred to as the Great Imitator? Lupus symptoms are very similar to those of several other common illnesses.  The most common symptoms of Lupus are fatigue, headaches, anemia,  joint pain, sun sensitivity, discoloration of fingertips in cold, fever, swelling, chest pain, butterfly rash, hair loss, blood clotting, and tiredness.  Quite the list in my opinion, but lets keep in mind that those are only the most common. 

Many of these symptoms can occur in other conditions and illnesses, such as arthritis, Lyme disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, pneumonia, alopecia, hemophilia and more.  This is why Lupus is called the Great Imitator, its symptoms are like the symptoms of many other conditions and illnesses.
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I believe that this is also a reason that it is so difficult to diagnose Lupus.  When diagnosing Lupus doctors have to analyze multiple physical symptoms and test results.  The fact that every Lupus patient is unique (different combinations and severity of symptoms) increases the difficulty of diagnosing and treating the illness.  Lupus seems to imitate many illnesses.  Oh lucky me!! I get a taste of it all. I have even managed to develop the imitator (Lupus) and the imitated (arthritis).  Many of us have at least one other illness to accompany Lupus throughout our life.  All we can do is learn to cope and live life to the fullest.  Education is key!!  You should know what is going on with your body.  Take care and spread awareness!! 

With Love