My Walk for Lupus

The Walk for Lupus was a great SucCeSs.  My wonderful team (Simone's Stars) stopped the show with our t-shirts and signs!! We walked proudly for Lupus and even won the t-shirt contest. Yeah!! I really appreciate all the support that my friends and family have given me.  What else can I ask for?  I am truly blessed and ecstatic to be surrounded by such amazing people.

I met and exceeded my fundraising goal, as did the foundation.  All together we raised approximately $30,000 towards Lupus research.  This is fantastic!  I hope all of the Walks are as successful as ours in Southeastern Michigan.  I had an absolutely wonderful time.  I loved every moment of it. The event was quite a pleasure.  They had refreshments, raffle, information and even FREE massages.  You know I had to get one, it felt great after walking 3 miles :0) I was quite exhausted afterward, but it was definitely worth it.  I love all of my Lupies and Lupus Supporters, and I am thankful!! 


I am preparing and collecting donations for the Metro Walk for Lupus, which is in September.  There is a link to my donation page on the top right of the blog.  If you missed the first one, I would love for you to support the Fall event.  Thanks!!
Metro Walk for Lupus Donation Page