ChNew research is confirming a definite connection between chronic inflammation and both physical and neurological diseases including:
  • asthma
  • Alzheimer's Disease
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • digestive disorders
  • heart disease
  • hormone imbalances
  • osteoporosis
These conditions are linked by inflammation.  Research suggests that once you have one inflammatory disease there can be a spiraling downfall.  This means that you are at high risk to get another inflammatory disease, or one of the illnesses causes by inflammation.  Take care of yourself well to prevent further damage to your health.   


In 2007, I lived in Paris, France for 4 whole months.  It was an absolutely wonderful experience.  One aspect of this experience was a special blessing.  My health was GREAT!!  While in Paris I did not have all of the aches and pains that I deal with on a daily basis here in the US.  Why?  Well I think that all the walking and good food had something to do with it.  I had to walk everywhere and use the Metro for transportation.  I walked all day and all night.  But it felt great.  Once I walked all the way from my apartment (near Gare de Lyon) to Le Louvre.  I don't know how I did it, but I DID.  Not on purpose, I got lost coming from the Picasso Museum...anyhoo.  It was very rare for me to get turned around, but I did, silly me.  On to the Food.  Not only does it taste great; the French have very strict regulations on the quality of food that they can sell.  They aren't allowed to use all those additives and chemicals (even in their fast food) that the Americans do.  So the food is more healthy, AND tastes amazing Mmmmm!!

One other essential detail was my state of mind, attitude, mood, etc.  I was HAPPY!!  I loved every moment of it.  My good mood and positive attitude contributed to my physical well-being.  I have learned that it works here too. Just remember that even when your health is on the fritz and you feel terrible, sometimes all you have to do is think positive.  Smile and love your life, love yourself and the people around you.  Have the right mindset and know that you are in control.  Think happy thoughts and happiness will not be far behind!!

With Love 

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Just Smile

A Hello and a Smile can change a person's world....

It'll make you feel great too!!!

"I Didn't Know He Had Lupus!!"

Miami based Hip-Hop artist Trick Daddy has Lupus.  Trick Daddy, born Maurice Young on September 23, 1973, was diagnosed about 13 years ago.  He explained that his diagnosis has kept him out of the sun for years.  He says that sunlight is his worst enemy.  

You never know who is suffering like you... 

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Be A Butterfly!!

Fatigue!! ☹

Well, I know many of us have feeling of exhaustion, sleepiness, etc...  Well I found a wonderful blog that I think you should check out!! There is a lot of good info there.

"Fatigue that is often severe, persistent and disabling is a common problem for lupus patients. A sense of exhaustion which interferes with normal functioning is an experience that affects as many as 70% of people with lupus. We all appreciate that illness of many types is associated with extreme tiredness. Fatigue is frequently the first symptom of common illnesses such as viral infection." Click to read blog

With Love 
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Nicole Paxson Cosmetics

What wonderful things we can do!!!  Nicole Paxson (Lupus Butterfly) has created a cosmetic line that protects our sensitive skin.  As you know, many of us that have Lupus are very sensitive to sunlight, and some have painful and irritating rashes.  Nicole Paxson dedicated her life to creating products that are tailored to the need of Lupus patients.  For this we should be grateful.  I will definitely place an order very soon.  Also, a percentage of her proceeds go towards Lupus research.  How Amazing!!!  

Thank you Nicole

For more information visit the website.  Nicole Paxson Cosmetics

What is Imuran??

Hi All!!

A fellow Lupus Butterfly asked me about Imuran, an immune suppressant medication.  I do not know anyone who has taken this medication, but I found some information that I would like to share with you.  This is just a quick look into Imuran, please see your healthcare provider for more information.  

Imuran is an alternative treatment for Lupus.  It is used to reduce the body's natural immunity.  It is a very strong drug, but if successful it can allow a patient to reduce or eliminate Prednisone from their Lupus treatment plan.  Unfortunately there is a long term risk of cancer when taking this medication.  There are also a long list of side effects that could occur.  Some risks include: immune system could be suppressed to much, bone marrow can be suppressed (reducing white, red blood cells etc, loss of hair and risk of sterility.  This is a long term treatment.  Clinical Improvement is gradual and can take several months to be noticed.  Main improvement takes place within the first year of therapy.  

Immune suppressants such as Imuran can be beneficial, they can help to: 
~Prolong Life
~Preserve Kidney function
~Reduce disease symptoms
~Reduce damage to vital organs, such as Kidneys and Lungs
~Sometimes even serve to put disease into remission

I Hope this helps!!

here we go

I was feeling really good for about a week.  I guess I got spoiled.  Then last night, BAM it hit me!!!  I could barely move.  I'm getting all plump from the steroids, but still have lots of pain. SMH.   What to do!! Give me a break, at least until FINALS are over!!

April Awareness

April is:
❤ Alcohol Awareness Month
❤ Foot Health Awareness Month
❤ National Autism Awareness Month
❤ IBS Awareness Month
❤ National Child Abuse Prevention Month
❤ National Sarcoidosis Awareness Month
❤ Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Month

Please share your story!!! 


It is estimated that:
      1.5 million Americans have some form of Lupus.
      40 million Americans have some form of Arthritis.
      200,000 new cases of breast cancer in the US in 2009.


I would like to say WELCOME to the new followers.  Please tell your friends and family to follow also.  I would love to hear your story, please email me.  Share Share Share!!! 

Walk for Lupus

I will be participating in the Walk for Lupus on June 5th, 2010.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to Simone Turpin, who was the first person to donate on my behalf.  It is greatly appreciated!! 

Please check out my personal page.


When I was diagnosed with Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis back in September 2005, I guess I didn't realize what a great impact it would have on my daily life.  I did't have alot pain at that time (just in my hands and wrists), but my Rheumatoid factor was like 260 (R factor in normal adults my age is <19).   Initially, the news didn't sink in, I'm like okay I have Lupus what next.  My mother was with me, and I don't think she took it as well as I did.  After a while, my feeling towards it changed.  I went from why me, to I'm too young to have arthritis, to there is nothing I can do about it.  I didn't even do any research, it was like  my friends and family cared more than me. Now I see it as an experience that changed my outlook on life, and I am ready to take it head on. ღ

Can't get to sleep?

Try these tips:

  • Take a relaxing bath.
  • Put a few drops of relaxing essential oils on your pillow.
  • Eat a banana (constrains substances which can help induce sleep).
  • Don't eat a heavy meal before bed.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine right before bed.
  • Wear loose, baggy pajamas.
  • Cover up the clock so you can't keep looking at the time.
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Just a few for now!!


✔ African-Americans are four times more likely to be victims of Lupus than Caucasians, and  Lupus is far more common in women than men. 

"I Didn't Know He Had Lupus!!"

Michael Jackson had Lupus...  He was diagnosed  in 1986 which was considered the beginning of the "The Bad Era".  Lupus is most likely the reason why he was seen many times walking with umbrellas on a sunny day, in a wheelchair, or wearing a surgical mask.  If the King of Pop could maintain, then so can we.  Reach for the stars!! Don't let it hold you back!!

Can't forget that medicine

Sooo...I went out last night for one of my BFF's Birthday.  I was having a good time, planning to hang all not.  Uh oh I forgot to take my medicine.  Silly me, I had to cut  my night short and drive 30 minutes, because I didn't have my pillbox on me.  

Support is GREAT!!

It is so wonderful to have people in your life that love and care for you.  Being strong is one thing, but being stupid is another.  When you need help ask for it!!  I had to learn this the hard way.  Now I understand that I am not a burden on those I love...I am so grateful....

Tired, Tired, Tired

Some days I just don't have the energy to do anything but lay there.  My whole life gets put on hold...

The Beginning...

I wake up some days and my freakin' jeans don't fit. I lost 20 lbs. in two weeks because I had no appetite, and couldn't make myself food even if I wanted too.  What is going on??  Lupus flare up of course!!  So, now I have to take steroids and I gain 30 lbs back.  SMH!!  When will it stop, I have a double everything.  But hey, I love to shop, this just gives me a good reason ;-)  Excellent example of making lemonade out of the lemons that life throw at your head!!!  

Until Later...