I am just thinking about my last flare up.  How long was it really going on?  I was diagnosed with pneumonia twice and given 5 different antibiotics within 4 months.  Only to find out it was NOT pneumonia. I had terrible allergic reactions to all those drugs for NOTHING.  This was very frustrating.  What do we pay these doctors for? 

Anyhoo, I was in really bad shape.  I could not do anything for myself for a long time.  I was not eating or moving at all.  I just stayed in bed. Some days I could barely walk.  It was terrible.  Finally after not going into work, not calling in and not answering when they called, I was rescued.  My co-workers came and took me to the doctor, and then eventually I was admitted into the hospital. I really didn't want to go, but it was the best thing for me.  When I get there the nurses didn't believe I was the patient.  They said that their patients usually don't walk in.  I guess I was the lucky one.  :-/

When in the hospital they removed 730ml of fluid off of my right lung (the surrounding sack).  The fluid on left lung would be resolved with Prednisone (YEAH!). This fluid was not a result of pneumonia, it was a flare up.  It seems like my rheumy could have figured this out before I was half dead, but obviously that is not in his job description.  

As a result of this most painful situation, I had to take 4 months off of school and work.  I could barely go back in January.  I still missed about 2 weeks worth of work, because I still not feeling well. (BTW it's May and I am still having chest pains smh) Lupus can really put a wrench in your plans I tell you.  I am happy to be alive and well (for the most part).  I have learned to really appreciate every good day and make the best of the bad ones.  It can always be worst!!  

Lupus Awareness and Fundraising is so very important.  We need better treatments and programs.  Most importantly We need a CURE!! Spread the word about Lupus, even if you don't know anyone affected by it (Hi my name is Simone...now you do).  Cherish your life and the people in it!!  I know I do!!

With Love 


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