World Lupus Day

We all know that May is Lupus Awareness Month, but today just happens to be World Lupus Day.  We ask everyone to wear Purple or Orange to spread awareness and support of Lupus.  You can find information on  Many regions around the world are celebrating World Lupus Day in their own special way.  Below you will find information about how the United States (Lupus Foundation of America) is spreading awareness on World Lupus Day.  

Group: Lupus Foundation of America -- National OfficeEvent:  World Lupus Day is just one of the featured events in a month-long observance of Lupus Awareness Month in the United States. As part of the observance, the  LFA is engaging constituents through its social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the LFA Blog to secure commitments by individuals and organizations to do one thing to raise awareness of lupus. The LFA has developed two eCards and is urging people with lupus to Send an ecard to 10 friends on May 10.  We're also are asking people worldwide to make a commitment to Band Together for Lupus by signing an online petition that already has exceeded its original goal of 5,000 signatures, which now has been doubled to 10,000.  Likely that goal will be increased again as momentum continues to build to engage people from all walks of life to help raise awareness of lupus.  The LFA will conduct The Butterfly Gala,  Seventh Annual National Awards Dinner on May 12.  Musicians Julian Lennon and James Scott Cook will perform, "LUCY," in memory of Lucy Vodden, Julian's childhood friend who passed away from lupus last year.  Julian's drawing of Lucy, made when he was only five years old, inspired Julian's father John to co-write one of The Beatle's most memorable songs,  "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."  Proceeds from the sale of "LUCY" are being donated to the LFA and St. Thomas' Lupus Trust to support lupus research.   
Date: May 10th, 2010Website:

Personally, I will be sending out more e-cards and spreading awareness on various social websites as always.  I will also proudly wave my Cure Lupus sign at the Tigers vs. Yankees game tomorrow.  I will have pics tomorrow. Make sure you get your purple or orange wristbands and wear them proudly.  Also, sign the petition and send out as many e-cards as possible.  Let's Celebrate!!  Let's Spread Awareness!!
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