Should I Take the Stronger Medicine?

Well, I have an important decision to make.  My Rheumy wants to start taking Methotrexate in order to stop taking Prednisone.  If you don't know what Methotrexate is, it is a mild form of chemotherapy.  I am not sure that I want to begin to take such a strong and possibly damaging medication.  My Rheumy really thinks this will improve my health.  She was so excited when I told her to go ahead and write the prescription.  I didn't say I would take the pill. I didn't even say I would fill the prescription.  She was still very happy. I guess she really believes that this will help me in the long run.

So, I turned in the prescription, but did not pick it up yet.  I will probably get it tomorrow.  Still not sure about taking it.  It has terrible side effects. Info of Methotrexate One minute I tell myself "heck no I'm not taking a chemo pill." Then when I am lying down feeling absolutely terrible, with pain all over my body I say "screw it, just try it." I am ready to stop feeling so bad so often. But chemo....geez!!! I am just very confused right now.  I have talked to several people that take it and have had no real problems.  That is nice to hear. I just don't know! 

Confused and Losing it,


neerock32 said...

Hello simone, sorry to hear that you've not been feelin to well,But my question for you is,will the methotrexate be a starter for rituxin infusion(sorry question mark not workin on computer):( reson I ask is because I were given the same medication(methotrexate)to get me ready for the infusions but after reading up on it I refused it cause it might have helped my arthiritis but not the lupus. so if your rheumy is just trying to help with the arthiritis it will not do any good for the lupus;according to my body and some research done on it, everyone body is diffrent but you want to check all and any possible sources. I know the pain that we all be in sometimes in VERY UNBEARABLE but we don,t wanna take anything thats gonna complicate it any worser.I hope you get other inputs on this cause I would like to know if it really helped anyone...... I will also like to know where do go to sign up to volunteer for this up coming 18 & 19th classes(question mark)

lalez said...

Simone i understand your feelings about MTX but I can only recommend you try it.The benefits outweigh the side effects (in my opinion). In comparison with other chemo meds MTX is very mild and really good. I took it for nearly a year but then my kidneys shut (not because of MTX, it just wasn't working for me). I wish you the best and hope you can get off of prednisone soon (i can't sadly)

Tiffany "La Mariposa" said...

Hey sis, I for one can relate to your post. I was started on about 25-30mg of prednisone months back after diagnosis, and then started on Methotrexate in hopes of tapering down the prednisone. I have to say that it's been going very well for me. I get nauseous every now and then but thats about it. As long as I'm taking folic acid the side effects from mtx aren't really noticeable from prednisone. I got up to 20mg of mtx a week and now am down to just 7.5mg of prednisone!

What's your dosage of mtx? If it's pretty low I wouldn't worry. It is a drug used for chemotherapy in LARGE doses which I don't think your rheumy would put you on. Stay strong! <3

Simmi said...

Thanks ladies :-) Your input is very helpful. I am just trying to weigh all my options you know. Tiffany I am not sure of the dosage, I'll let you know when I pick up the prescription. Thanks so much. I am so glad to have you girls in my corner :0)

Simmi said...

NeeRock32k, I cannot get your contact info through this comment. Please send your contact info to or call 734-274-4632. I would love for you to come to the training either today or tomorrow. I have not decided which day I am going, but I would like to be there with you. So let me know asap, which day you can go.

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