here we go

I was feeling really good for about a week.  I guess I got spoiled.  Then last night, BAM it hit me!!!  I could barely move.  I'm getting all plump from the steroids, but still have lots of pain. SMH.   What to do!! Give me a break, at least until FINALS are over!!


sm said...

Hey Simmi, how are you now? Hope you´re fine again! I wish you the best for your finals, hope you´ll write an article about that event! Therefore I´ll follow your blog,
If you like you can also follow my blog:

Simmi said...

Hi sm. Thanks for following. I am okay just trying to make it through the last week of school. I really like your blog!!! I will definitely write about the Walk for Lupus when it comes around. I am excited!!! Keep in Touch!!

TheyCallMeBE said...

Feelin' the blog sm...I will definitely follow

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