What is Imuran??

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A fellow Lupus Butterfly asked me about Imuran, an immune suppressant medication.  I do not know anyone who has taken this medication, but I found some information that I would like to share with you.  This is just a quick look into Imuran, please see your healthcare provider for more information.  

Imuran is an alternative treatment for Lupus.  It is used to reduce the body's natural immunity.  It is a very strong drug, but if successful it can allow a patient to reduce or eliminate Prednisone from their Lupus treatment plan.  Unfortunately there is a long term risk of cancer when taking this medication.  There are also a long list of side effects that could occur.  Some risks include: immune system could be suppressed to much, bone marrow can be suppressed (reducing white, red blood cells etc, loss of hair and risk of sterility.  This is a long term treatment.  Clinical Improvement is gradual and can take several months to be noticed.  Main improvement takes place within the first year of therapy.  

Immune suppressants such as Imuran can be beneficial, they can help to: 
~Prolong Life
~Preserve Kidney function
~Reduce disease symptoms
~Reduce damage to vital organs, such as Kidneys and Lungs
~Sometimes even serve to put disease into remission

I Hope this helps!!


Antoinette Jackson said...

Thanks for helping with this research but it kind of backs me into a corner. I don't know if I want to continue on this medicine because I am going through some of those reactions or side affects now. No one likes to be sick and to be sick with three kid at home is tough. I think that I have went through almost every doctor in my health plan and I wonder if I need a second opinion?? One more thing do you know anyone who has gotten Social Security due to Lupus??

Simmi said...

No I don't know anyone who get Social Security or disability because of Lupus. But I am sure curious. There was an ad on my blog about it, but I didn't catch it. I am sure curious about that too. I saw something about some disability lawyers working on that stuff, but I don't know much yet. Let me know if you find some info on it. It will be really helpful. I'll do some research too!!

Simmi said...

I am really worried about how I will survive when I have to stop working for a period of time for a flare up etc. I will be finishing up my MBA and entering the business world soon, but I am still recovering from my last flare up and I don't feel like I can do it now. SS benefits would surely help even if it is temporary!!

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