Fashion Break I

I Can’t Fit My Jeans!!! Why? It’s simple. When I am not well, I lose my appetite, so I lose weight. Then the doc puts me on steroids and I gain more back than I lost. So during these times my jeans are too big, then they fit again, then they are too small. This has become quite a cycle for me. When will it stop? Probably Never!!! I used to get upset and get rid of the tight, can’t button, about to tear when I put half-a-leg in jeans, but I learned to hold on to them, because I will eventually need them again. It is very frustrating when you can’t fit into your favorite jeans, but hey I love to shop so it all works out. I literally have 2 wardrobes, one regular and one that contains smaller/bigger items. So is that 3 wardrobes? It doesn’t matter, the point is that I keep them. Luckily I have a nice size walk-in closet to store everything.

If you are having the same problem don’t worry about it, have fun with it. Change your style a little, buy different colors and different brands. Try new things that you probably wouldn’t before. Tip: Buy materials that stretch, this way you can fit them even if you gain or lose a little weight. Love yourself no matter what, because you are Beautiful. εїз

So Strut your Stuff!!


Cole said...

I feel you sis!

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